Originally a dream of a certain TomoyaP, MakoTools has been built with help from various people within the fandom, including translators, proofreaders, developers, dataminers, game researchers, and a lot more.

For the website's development, you can see our list of active contributors on GitHub.

We've received a lot of help from various teams, including The English Ensemble Stars Wiki, @enstarsENG, @enstimes, @cnstars_en, @enstars_link, @ESMiSC_EN, @ensemble_scans, and most recently @DaydreamGuides, and The Chinese Ensemble Stars Wiki.

As for individuals, I cannot list everyone's names due to anonimity reasons, so I'll just list them by who they produce instead: Thanks to the MidorP, ChiakiP, YutaP, SoumaP wiki staff, the EveryoneP, TomoyaP, ToriP, 3AP, EveP (JunP), SoumaP, SubaruP, Mao+IzumiP, SubaruP & RitsuP, LeoP, MadaraP, KanataP, HikariDormP, TatsumiP, ReiP, IbaraP, RitsuP translators, the HiiroP, EveryoneP, MakotoP, HokkeP, NagisaP, NatsumeP proofreaders, the NatsumeP, ArashiP developer, the ShinobuP, AkitoP, KogaP, KeitoP game researchers, the LeoP, KanataP loremaster, the SubaruP, RitsuP, ChiakiP, AiraP CN wiki staff, and my TsukasaP, ToriP, MakotoP, KaoruP, IzumiP, EichiP, LeoP friends!